With Covid-19 Concerns Please be smart, think of others, if you are sick stay home!Tempe Men’s Club Board

July 6 – LG / LN “Red, White, & Blue”

Rotate through the three sets of tee markers. First Red, then White, and finally Blue (Sign up from June 16 through July 2)

July 21 – Individual Quota

39 Points minus UR Handicap is amount needed to break even-Modified Points System – 1pt Bogie, 2pts Par, 4pts Birdie, 8pts Eagle. (Sign up from July 6 through July 16)


Next Meeting, Club Champions, and always keeping the Pace.

Keeping pace of play manageable.  Remember after the first 2 members putt out on a hole proceed to the next tee to hit.  Always be ready to hit your next shot, no matter who is out in your group.

Next Membership Meeting is TBA in The Grill at Ken McDonald.

Membership Dues for 2024 can be found on the “How To Join” page under “About Our Club” menu item on this page.

Club is following the new rules of 2019 that the USGA has put into play. Only 1 rule is with exception. That is the Out-Of-Bounds rule will NOT be accepted. Play the out-of-bounds just like it was before, stroke and distance. Re Tee or drop from where you last played the ball.


Join our diverse and ever growing family!


Fun Formats

A nice combo between tradition and innovation.

Book Keeping

We put our faith into the smarter of the two species here.

Save You Time

With pre-booked tee times, less time trying, more time playing.


We’ll take care of you like you were one of our own. The jury’s out still on whether that’s a GOOD thing or not, but know that our heart is in the right place at all times 🙂

Still on the fence?

Among too many stories and pics to post, here are a few more benefits to the club:

  • Discounted Tee Times!
  • Discounted Balls & Equipment!
  • Friendly and reliable staff!
  • Advanced Tee Times!
  • Business Networking!