Club Rules & Regulations

USGA Rules Govern All Play

Click the Link to Download or Print:  2019 USGA Rules of Golf PDF-162 Pages (Click Here)

* Any ball hit into the water on #8, no matter how it got there or where it goes in, must be played from the drop zone below the tee box. Example, if a ball lands just right of the second trap and rolls down the hill into the water, it must be played from the drop zone. The one exception is you may wade in and play the ball from out of the water but remember that you’re playing from a penalty area.

** 2019 Stroke and Distance: New Local Rule – has NOT been adopted by the TMC Board! Rule stay the same.

2019 Golf Rule Changes

Staked Trees: If a staked tree interferes with a player’s stance or swing, relief may be taken. Ball shall be dropped within one club length of nearest point of relief, no nearer to the hole.

Out of bounds is defined by property fences, white stakes (includes driving range), and marked curbs.
– Hole #2, anything ball over the curb of walking path is out-of-bounds.
– Hole #9, anything ball right of the edge of fence to driving range is out-of-bonds. The current boundary line is the edge of fence to edge of curb by 18th green.
– Hole #18, same out-of-bounds applies as hole #9.

Any ball striking the wires on #11 must be replayed.

You may take nearest relief from French drains.
The water’s edge defines the hazard except where marked by stakes. Red is a lateral hazard. Yellow is a water hazard.
Maintenance road on #10 is an free drop as if on a cart path. Nearest point of relief, stance and one club Length no closer to the hole.
The Tempe Men’s Club strongly encourages members to own and carry a copy of the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf.